garden stores steal all our money

This weekend, we went to both Flower Power and Bunnings.  And frankly, we can’t be trusted in either place…I came home with broccoli, parsley, leeks, brussels sprouts and discount-bin snow pea seedlings (they were completely pot bound and their roots had grown right through, so I’m not sure how well they’ll survive.

There was also a Kangaroo Paw.  Gogol did her best to eat the last one before it was decimated by snails.  She looks like she’ll give it her best shot again.

I also spent more time planting than working on my essay.

The leeks went in an old, dead Coles green bag.  They’re a bit on the falling-over side, but should sort themselves out as they grow.

I hung the snow peas on the fence.  I’ll hopefully train the tendrils around the chain.

And the broccoli’s in a trough for now.

Super exciting.  As long as Sydney isn’t inundated again like it was in April, we should have some fabulous home-grown veg in about 3 months.

*Apologies for the photo quality – I had to iphone ot because my camera batteries are dead.


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