angry ostriches

I wasn’t entirely sure of my reaction as I read this article about climate change scientists being sent death threats.  Sure, I was shocked and disgusted – that goes without saying and I don’t think it’s worth going into that.  But I was also frustrated that I read about this in The Guardian and not in the Australian media, where it seems to have been confined to the not-so-widely-read Canberra TimesAnd I was disappointed – I’ve always chosen to believe that Australian’s aren’t stupid and hateful – and people who make threats like this seem to be trying desperately to prove me wrong.  I’d like to think this is just a minority, but I’m no longer convinced.

I guess this article just indicates further what a hugely political and hate fueled issue climate change has become.  It’s as though people really believe that if they deny the facts strongly enough, they can make it all stop and go away and it’ll be all ok to keep driving huge cars, living in McMansions and cranking the air-con. And of course, it’s easier to deny the facts if no one is prepared to talk about them any more because you’ve threatened to chase them down the street with a burning stake and hang them by the f***ing neck until they are dead dead dead’

That’s not how this works.

It boggles my mind that now, in the 21st century, the reaction to science that we don’t want to hear about is not that different to that to the idea of heliocentrism, posed by Copernicus and championed by Galileo.  We are so afraid of change.  But the change from inaction is likely to be a lot more dramatic than a carbon tax and more expensive petrol…and I think some people are doing a very good ostrich-job on that fact.

Image from "The Practical Surveyor"


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