turns out that we could learn a lot from the 1940s

(we’ll overlook the generic sexism and racism of the era for now, ok?)

Hitler eh? That’s sure an encouragement to car pool.  No one wants to hang out with syphilitic, drug-addled, psychopathic racist/ homophobe/ anti-Semite.  These days we just get chipper radio ads about not getting ‘busted in a bus lane.’

The conversations about environmentalism, “green-living” and climate change are currently far to namby-pamby and abstract, meaning that no one gives a rat’s posterior about what’s happening.  If you don’t know what to believe, if the story is always changing and if no one can agree on how to provide information and take action, then why should anyone care?  The whole “environmental movement” needs to stop faffing around and get its act together.


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