short thoughts on the bleeping carbon tax

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I, like many others, am unbelievably tired of reading about the Carbon Tax.  I’m tired of the whinging, tired of the scaremongers, tired of the shock jocks, and I’m also tired of the defenders who seem to think that the tax will single-handedly save the planet from imminent destruction.

The tax has it’s place.  Yes, the government lied about whether or not they would introduce a Carbon Tax and yes, that was really bloody politically stupid.  It was like giving Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt all their Christmases at once.

In a way though, that’s no longer relevant.  What matters is that there is a tax and it’s likely to be implemented soon.  What really matters is what’s achieved through such a tax…and I’m a little concerned that it won’t be as much as we hope.

I have no problem with a ‘tax’ for energy consumption.  The only way to make people and organisations think about something so ingrained and so instinctive in modern life as energy is, is to make it cost more. And if there isn’t a little financial hurt then there is no point.

No, my concern with the carbon tax isn’t the cost. What I’m worried about is the difficulty I’ve had in finding any information about whether any of the revenue raised will be put into R&D for new, renewable energies.  I’ve heard that some money will be directed towards such projects, but I’m having trouble finding anything about it anywhere.  Even the Australian Parliament site doesn’t seem to have any info.

Note to the government: If you’re planning to do anything remotely useful with the tax revenue, for the love of God, publicise it!  Otherwise, the entire exercise seems like a complete waste of time.


3 thoughts on “short thoughts on the bleeping carbon tax

  1. There have been countries that have made their carbon tax “revenue-neutral”, which could be a way for your government to go. The revenue made from the taxes is returned in the form of lower income tax. Although, I agree with you that R&D would be much more useful.

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