creative re-use

I’ve become pretty addicted to Pinterest recently and I’m particularly in love with the amount of gorgeous upcycled and DIY content (I’m less of a fan of the kitschy, pseudo-sentimental posters that keep appearing, but each to their own).

I thought I’d share some of my favourites on here – they’re not all from Pinterest – the book lampshade is from Treehugger and the steamer lamp is from the Etsy store lighttexture.

My housemate Chris is doing his Masters in Poetry, so this lightshade would probably be a little sacrilegious to him. I can personally think of a few books that would be better used as lampshades though (the entire Twilight saga comes to mind, as does anything ever written by Barbara Cartland).

I’ve loved the lighttexture lamps for ages – the patterns that they create are incredible.

I’m not sure where this originally came from, but it’s very sleek.

Probably not the most practical re-use ever – although I suspect that there aren’t too many re-uses for incandescent bulbs. Quite cute though.

If anyone’s seen any cool recycled design lately, send me a link – I’d love to see it! Also, if you want a Pinterest invite, let me know….it’s really quite snazzy


2 thoughts on “creative re-use

    • It is really cute, isn’t it! I have a feeling I might have an old one in a drawer still from when we replaced ours- if I can find it, I’ll bring it when I next see you x

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