plant rescue weekends

Surprise, surprise…we’ve bought more plants.  I know, I know…we are nothing if not predictable.  But these plants are a little more special than usual. These are rescue plants. These are the plants that may change my gardening habits a lot.

Firstly. last weekend we were out at Bunnings Warehouse again.  In the spirit of restraint, I only bought two new succulents (!) and two plants from the ‘Discount Table’ which is more of a ‘We-Have-Totally-Given-Up-On-These-Plants-But-Don’t-Want-To-Lose-Profit’ table.  It’s a sad little corner – I want to save everything, even the roses.  And I freakin’ hate roses.

One was a ridiculously sickly lavender marked down to $2.  I’ve since transplanted it into a window box which gets lots of sun and light and loaded it up with fresh compost.  I’m not holding out much hope though.

The other was this incredible, shaggy mess of a geranium, marked down to $3.50.  It was practically exploding from its pot, just one quite lovely flower in bloom.  I couldn’t leave it behind.

I got to transplanting it this weekend – it was obviously far too big for its pot.  I was pretty horrified to see just how much too big it was though:

It was completely pot-bound.  The roots had actually started growing up, back into the leaves and branches of the plant.  I was borderline furious.  I know Bunnings is a hardware.  I know it’s all about the bottom line in terms of price.  But plants completely outgrowing their pots is such an easy problem to prevent.  Combined with the number of bugs and flying things I’ve seen at Bunnings at Alexandria, I think I’ll be going elsewhere for plants in future.  Denial eh?  Hell of a thing.

Luckily, we found this brilliant garden centre, also in Alexandria.  Pre-Loved Roots (insert 14-year-old-boy giggle here) is basically like the Salvo’s for plants.  People who move to apartments, people who can no longer look after their plants and people who just lack the time and inclination can call PLR, who will come and pick them up and tend them until they are sold on.  As such, there was a huge and really interesting range of established plants for super cheap prices.  We came home with some enormous buxus trees for Dave to bonsai, a jade plant, an crazy little cactus and a pretty wee succulent for about $30.


Yes, Dave is trying to give the Jade bunny-ears


Sorry, this is appallingly blurry!

It’s good to know that some places actually care about the plants that they sell.  PLR was an incredible place – I would really recommend it, particularly for cacti, succulents and bromeliads – the selection of those plants was really huge.



5 thoughts on “plant rescue weekends

  1. “Pre-loved Roots”

    I had never heard of such a store. But, when you think about it, there must be quite a few people who get into that problem of no longer being able (or wanting) to take care of their plants. What a great idea.

    Enjoy your new plants. Hope the lavender makes it : )

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