the bread crusade

Last week, my lovely work friend Ruby and I came to a nasty realisation. That the amazing Burgen rye bread that we both love so much, is produced by George Weston foods. George Weston is in turn owned by Associated British Foods and ABF have a nasty track record of zero out of three (based on an overall score of 0/29) on the WWF Palm Oil Scorecard (not to mention being cited for worker exploitation). Noice. Turns out that it was the blood of sad orangutans making our toast so delicious.

So, since then, Ruby and I have been busy trialling more ethical, supermarket traded breads to find one that actually taste like food and not cardboard. Thus far, Ruby has tried Helga’s ‘Seed Sensation’ (maybe a little too salty, lacking in density and substance) and I’ve tried Country Life Bakery’s Low G.I Rye (white bread posing as rye, not bad but a little unsatisfying). Now I’m turning to you guys. Does anyone have any recommendations of reasonably tasty prepackaged bread that I can store in the office freezer for breakfasts of vegemite or peanut butter toast? Preferably ones that aren’t flavored with orangutan tears…



One thought on “the bread crusade

  1. (Unrelated to your post…)

    I just wanted to thank you for the link to Skeptical Science in your “Blogroll”. It is a great resource and will come in handy the next time I have a conversation with a “climate denier”!


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