the first hints of spring

I’ve just about finished a ghastly essay on stakeholder analysis in environmental decision making.  It has utterly fried my brain all weekend – somehow, it’s a thousand times more complex than it sounds- so I thought I’d share a few photos of the first signs of spring that are showing in our garden (and of a few of my favourite succulents).  Apologies, my camera is on the blink once again, so you’re stuck with the iPhone and instagram edits (the weather is bleak and washed out a lot of the colour)


And my favourite indoor succulent that is growing like crazy and didn’t need editing:


4 thoughts on “the first hints of spring

  1. This may sound odd, but I’m actually curious about your “stakeholder analysis”. Any chance you could share some information about your work? (I’m starting a masters degree in Island Studies, concentrating in environmental policy. So I find this stuff really interesting.) If you’d like to contact me directly, my e-mail address is

    Enjoy the new gardening season : )

  2. Joce -I do find it weird, but only because I spent half my weekend trying to wrap my brain around a whole load of business psychology type-concepts :) I’m happy to send you links to info that I used, or even my pretty awful paper if you’re interested.

    Isobel – thanks so much for visiting! I’m in Sydney, so yep, very southern hemisphere.

    Alison – I know, isn’t it lovely? The smell is gorgeous too – it’s a nice reminder that spring really is on its way!

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