Getting overemotional

I watched this today at work with tears streaming down my face. Luckily it wasn’t too much of an ugly cry…also, I sit in a corner.

It gave me a little hope in humanity – maybe we are moving into a kinder era. Maybe we are finally leaving a dark age of a sort, and we will get to the point when it’s no longer okay to treat such intelligent and incredible animals like nothing more than a Petrie dish.


3 thoughts on “Getting overemotional

    • Absolutely. It’s an incredibly sad ending, but I still hope that this will allow them to enjoy the last years of their lives a little more. And I hope that the fight for their release and the publicity the video got may contribute to the end of medical research on chimps.

  1. It’s incredible how “human-like” their behavior is. The one who was lying down in the window sill, with his legs up… I do the exact same thing : )
    But watching them being tentative, and looking around before heading into the open space… that was really surprising.
    Thank you for that video.

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