when the facts should matter most

Oil, gas licences ignite demands for overhaul
he protest against Coal Seam Gas Mining in Sydney went ahead yesterday, with around 1500 people turning up to march down the streets on an amazingly warm and sunshiney spring day.  It was great to see such a huge turnout, but once again, frustrating to see the lack of science in opinion.  I nearly had a hernia when one speaker, speaking with a great deal of confidence stated that methane has a carbon dioxide equivalent of 105…when in fact it’s 25.

I’m glad that people care, but I wish that the organisers would stop undermining their own legitimacy and making the people who have made an informed decision about the issue seem like a bunch of ideological and ignorant idiots.






One thought on “when the facts should matter most

  1. When you are facing such a powerful (and well-funded) opponent as the oil and gas industry, you have to make every chance count. And using bad science is not helpful at all. It’s simply another argument that can be used against you: “See! These environmentalists don’t even know what they’re talking about. Trust us. We’ll give you cheap, clean burning gas for the next 100 years!”

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