coffee: could this be the way to really wake people up?

Starbucks, rightly or wrongly, doesn’t really have the world’s best reputation – apart from anything else, their coffee is decidedly average.  But it’s nice to see that they’re taking a stand on climate change – even if it’s only to best serve their own interests.

The thing is, they’re in a much better position than most to be able to push for real change.  Coffee, while not a staple food, is pretty integral to the daily routine of many, many people around the world.  Threaten coffee (or indeed chocolate – cocoa generally being grown in similar regions) and you’re starting the sparks of a kind of revolution (admittedly, a very middle-class one in much of the West).  The sheer size and spread of Starbucks also gives them a lot of clout in driving change.  When big corporations are jumping on the climate change bandwagon, it can no longer be dismissed as a ‘fringe issue’ or a load of greenie woo.

It’s easy to be cynical (check out the comments section on the linked article), but I’m choosing to see the upside of this one.


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