Kosciuszko National Park or, Why I Care

So, Food Friday failed to materialise last week and now it’s Monday. I’m sorry!

I was quite busy last week though, which meant I didn’t have the time to prepare a post in advance.  And on Friday, we were down in Kosciuszko National Park in the far South of New South Wales (about 6 hours drive from Sydney), where we spent a weekend climbing and hiking and generally having an amazing time in an incredibly beautiful place. (I’d recommend clicking on the landscape shots for a better idea of the scale).

And finally, a gratuitous photo of my climbing butt (I’d recommend not clicking on this one!) and the gorgeous (and wet) drive home):

Preserving places like these is one of the reasons I dragged my lazy self back to uni.  I can’t bear to think of this ever being lost to us.


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