Vegetarian confessions

Today: a confession.  The other night, I ate a chicken fajita burrito.

Another confession.  I am a lousy vegetarian.

You see, I really miss meat sometimes. I miss lasagne, spaghetti bolognaise, gourmet sausages and chicken burritos.  99.99% of the time, I’m ok with that.  Cutting meat from my diet was really important to me.  But occasionally, when I’m out for dinner, I do crack.  And I end up with a chicken fajita burrito for dinner.

And I’m ok with that too.  I don’t think that it needs to mean that I’m not a vegetarian and I don’t think that it means I’m a hypocrite.  I need to identify as a vegetarian, because it gives me stronger parameters.  I eat chicken about once a fortnight (those damn tempting burritos!).  But that’s about it.  The last time I ate red meat was just after Christmas – my mother fed me rack of lamb when I went to visit and I felt revolting and ill for the whole next day.

I’m definitely not the posterchild for vegetarianism, but I don’t think that’s the point.  The point is that with every meal, I have put myself in a position where I get to make a decision about values v. taste.  And I think I make the right choice, 99.8% of the time.*

*based on three meals a day over a fortnight.


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