2012: One month in

Once again, I’ve been a bit absent lately.  I’ve had a few of those crazy weeks where I’ve hardly been home.  Add to that a workload that blows any chance of a lunchbreak out of the water and not much posting happens!  Fortunately, this week is looking slightly calmer and I should at least have a few free evenings.

Anyway, I thought I’d keep you posted on how my 2012 goals are tracking, one month in.  I read a “statistic” recently (I have no idea how you’d validate such a statistic, hence the inverted commas) that claimed that “more than 25 per cent of all New Year goals are broken in the first two weeks of the year, and more than 50 per cent in the first four weeks.”(1).  Really?  I was kind of appalled.  What kind of a goal falls apart in just 2 weeks?

Well, apparently sustaining the willpower to avoid the occasional chicken burrito (oops).  Apart from that though, I think I’m tracking ok.

1) Goal one was to read more, watch less.  Surprise!  I’m actually doing that.  Since the start of the year, I’ve ploughed through three books and I’ve just started number four, As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner.  It remains to be seen how I go when uni returns next week, but I’m hoping to keep at it.  We’ve also significantly reduced our viewing time – down to an absolute maximum of two episodes of anything on the nights we’re home.

2) Share the compost-y love.  We haven’t been able to do this much yet.  I’ve chucked a few coffee grains on the herbs we’re growing on the balcony, but that’s about the extent of it.  In fairness, I haven’t really been able to speak to my parents about it as they’ve been pootling around Antarctica for the past 6 weeks (yes, Antarctica. I’m thinking of getting my mum to do a guest post.  Too daggy?  We’ll see.  Maybe I’ll just steal my dad’s photos).  And David’s parents seem pretty well-equipped with chicken poop and veg matter.

3) Cook more.  We’ve actually been doing that and it’s made quite a change in our weekly expenses.  The Foodconnect boxes aren’t cheap (organic produce rarely is) and we’re trying to ensure that we don’t waste any of the food in them.  We’ve been really hitting our stride in terms of super tasty vego food (pasta with fresh beetroot pesto and vegies, spaghetti bolognaise made with tempeh, stir fry with udon noodles, tofu and vegies) and it’s becoming both easier and more exciting.  The leftovers for lunch are a huge bonus.

4) So far, I’d still count myself as a vegetarian, but it’s something I really do need to stay on top of – it’s hard when I used to love meat!  Still, as I discussed here, I’m only crumbling infrequently, and as I learn more about vegetarian cooking, I’m enjoying it more and more.  Physically, I also feel very healthy at the moment and I honestly think I have more energy now than I did when I was an omnivore.

How are your 2012 goals tracking?  Have you changed any of them or made any new ones over the past month?

8 thoughts on “2012: One month in

  1. I can’t believe your parents are in Antarctica. That is pretty much the coolest thing ever. (Oh dear, unintentional bad pun, sorry.)
    Do you eat Quorn? Some people hate it and I know it’s pretty highly processed, but sometimes I just really want nuggets :p and it’s made of mushroom protein instead of soy which is cool. Also, haloumi. Even the meat eaters I know will never pass up haloumi, and I never feel deprived when everyone has meat and I have delicious fried cheese!

  2. Regarding “more than 25 per cent of all New Year goals are broken in the first two weeks of the year, and more than 50 per cent in the first four weeks.”
    I’ve been (mostly!) faithfully training at the local gym for about 4 years and I see a real life representation of that statistic every January-February. The first week of the new year, the gym is packed: new people are attending classes or hitting the weights and treadmills. But, by about this time, you mostly see the same old regulars.

    I think that making a “New Year’s Resolution” is more about deciding that you are going to change a part of your lifestyle. And that takes a lot of “stick-to-it-ivness” : )

    Oh, and regarding cooking at home more, may I make two suggestions? First, before going to the grocery store, plan a menu for the week. We try to do this because it makes it easier to get around my wife’s food allergies (gluten and fructose). As a bonus, we find that it costs us less in groceries, we eat out less and we waste less food. And, second, always plan the size of what you are cooking to make sure you get leftovers. That takes care of lunches for the next day.

    • Thanks for the suggestions, JP. We’re trying to use our Foodconnect subscription to help us plan better – at the moment, it seems to be working well.

      And I know what you mean about the gym – it’s always packed in January, especially any of the classes. Come February, you can tell who are the ones who’ll stick to it!

  3. I’ve kept every new year’s resolution I’ve made for the past few years, and I’ve stuck to each one the whole year through.

    What’s my secret? Simple: my new year’s resolution each year is “I promise not to make any more dam’ fool new year’s resolutions!” :)

  4. I resolved to be more tolerant and patient when dealing with people. It has resulted in the increased occurrence of me thinking ‘OK. Now, don’t be a bitch.’ every time I open my mouth to talk to people. It’s kind of working.

    • On my non-enviro-aims, I’m trying a similar one of not making narky comments about passers-by (you know the sort of thing “you look like a tangerine! and wear some pants!”). It’s sort of working….I don’t really like being that mean!

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