Earth Hour, Sydney Style

Again, I need to apologies for my absence – this seems to happen far too often.  There’s a lot going on at my day job that I’m trying to get through at the moment, and it’s certainly not giving me much in the way of time to do the things I love.

Anyway, Food Friday should be back with a bang soon – one of my current uni subjects is Emvironmental Health and I’ll be writing my main paper on Food Deserts, so there will be a lot of stuff about that coming up.  In the meantime though, Saturday night was Earth Hour!

We’ve developed a bit of an Earth Hour ritual over the last few years, which usually involves a lot of candles, wine and ferocious Scrabble matches.  It’s amazingly good fun.  The proof is in the photos.

Myself and our wonderful friend Haydon.  The phrenology head in the background sets a certain mood.

A random Scrabble letter collection.  And yes, that is chips of candle wax.  I have an inability to leave it alone.

I love the idea of Earth Hour.  I know a lot of people who think it’s just an enormous crock, a waste of time that will achieve nothing except keeping people in the dark and tripping over things for an hour (hi Dad!).  While I get what they mean, I totally disagree.  That one hour isn’t supposed to change anything huge.  It’s simply supposed to draw awareness to the way we live.  The sheer wastefulness of much of our energy consumption.  If we can just take away a glimmer of that thought, than Earth Hour has achieved exactly what it set out to.

Finally, check out some awesome before and after photos of Earth Hour here.


One thought on “Earth Hour, Sydney Style

  1. I like Earth Hour because it shows us how we can live with less. The before-and-after images you linked to demonstrate how, for example, we could safely live with a lot of lights turned off.

    Go conservation!!!

    P.S.: I am ashamed to say that my wife and I completely forgot about Earth Hour… I’ll make up for it by going around my neighborhood cleaning up garbage : )

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