But there’s no such thing as climate change!

I beg to differ.

This was last Friday.  Mid-October, mid-spring in Australia:

Yes, that is snow.

Last weekend, we traveled up to David’s parents place in Central Western NSW for his sister’s graduation party.  We were almost unable to get there due to crazy, unseasonable weather that saw both of the roads west out of Sydney closed until about 4pm.

The next day though?  Blazingly sunny and about 30 degrees.


Other than the travel problems though, we had a really great time out there.  The party was lovely.  We hit up the Dubbo Forestry Commission and bought about 20 new plants super cheaply – eucalypts and banksias and tea trees and gingkos and bottlebrushes and…

We have lots of planting to do this weekend as a result, so I’ll share some photos of that soon.  It’s brilliant having a garden again, albeit still a small one.

Anyway, here are a few other photos from the weekend.  One of my favourite things about travelling even just a little way inland is the big-ness and blue-ness of the sky.  When I lived overseas, the Australian sky was what I missed the most.

(Please excuse the photo quality – these were all taken with an iPhone, some from a moving car):


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