The Real Bears

Or, why cola can give you erectile dysfunction.

This little video made me sad, because clearly I’m a sucker for cartoon bears with relationship and lifestyle problems.  It highlights some much deeper problems though – the changes in our attitudes to sugar and sweet treats, the changes in the way we consume food and drink (more mindlessly, less intentionally) and the dangers of the industrial food system which has too much power to tell too many lies.  I’ll be writing more about that soon, but in the meantime, the Real Bears website has a few interesting facts.  If you’re interested in delving more into the sugar debate, I’d recommend this article from The New York Times last year about the work of Dr Robert Lustig.  The graphics in the article are particularly interesting/ alarming.

I hope you enjoy the video!


One thought on “The Real Bears

  1. Great video! And a great way to pass an important message. And the fish taunting the cub stuck in the ice is rather funny :)
    On the topic of what we eat and sugar (in case you haven’t hear about it): Because of the droughts in America this summer, there is a shortage of corn to feed cattle (which we shouldn’t be doing in the first place). So, guess what some farmers have decided to feed their animals… CANDY!!! That’s right, American farmers are feeding candy to cows.

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