5 totally not rocket science tips for reducing your footprint

Maybe it’s just the blogs and news articles I read, but it’s becoming harder and harder not to just get caught up in a cycle-of-DOOM mentality: in which the human race is exterminated through its own folly, after decades of warfare over food and water, dying en masse from heatwaves and hurricanes and unseasonable cold snaps.

Doom= feeling defeated.

There are little, totally simple things we can do though.  This is just the tiniest handful of ideas, many of which have been shared a thousand times before, but please feel free to share it around…

Grow things.  Plant trees to offset carbon emissions.  Place pot plants around your home to help purify the air.  Grow your own herbs and vegetables, using as little pesticide and commercial fertiliser as possible. Use native plants to help prevent erosion and restore the soil.


Not just at home and not just the lights.  Turn off the computer when you leave the office.  If you’re the last one out, turn off the lights.  Office blocks should look like it’s Earth Hour every night.  At home, switch to energy efficient bulbs – they actually produce bright enough light these days and will save you money in the long run.  Turn off the TV if no one is watching.  Spend time away from the TV and the computer – read a book, spend time with friends, go for a run.

It’s really easy.  I’m not suggesting you go vegan or vegetarian or flexitarian or whatever.  Just eat a little less – make at least one (preferably two) meals a day meat free.  There are so many fantastic non-meat options for protein available that you shouldn’t feel deprived.  Remember, cheese is still on the menu!

Walk where you can. Ride where you can.  Walk to the train or the bus.  Just drive less.  Sometimes, it’s hard to avoid, sure.  But if you’re driving 3 blocks to the store, you’re doing it wrong.

Share your food – it’ll be all the tastier.  Cook more and avoid processed junk that is produced from crops that have caused deforestation in factories that are run on fossil fuels.  Enjoy good food – that alone challenges the industrial food system.


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