Exciting news and a garden sneak peek!

I mentioned the other day that we have been on a bit of a plant collecting rampage lately, so I thought it was about time I shared some photos of our tiny, crowded and very well loved garden.

As I mentioned yesterday, it’s pretty hard to opt out of the industrial food system and one of the only ways to do so is to grow-your-own.  Not always easy when you’re living on a square poofteenth of an acre.  That said, in the bottom left photo, you can see our wee vegie patch, where we are growing three types of tomato, capsicums, oregano, rosemary and two titchy kale plants.  On the other side of the garden we also have a struggling parsley plant, basil and mint.

We’re also growing some trees – in pots at this stage.  Check out my gingko!  And my maple!

The pots you can see around the back of the garden bed (and the garden bed itself) mainly contain Australian natives – Grevilleas, Kangaroo Paws, Pink and Black Tea Trees, Emu Paw and Banksia.  There are a gazillion more pots on the roof of the house, where Dave’s stage one bonsai farm is growing merrily – you can’t waste space when you barely have any!  I’ll try to get some shots soon.

And finally for the day (and totally unrelated to our garden), I have exciting news.  I have officially been offered a place in the Masters of Science in Environmental Health!  I had previously been enrolled in the Postgrad Diploma in Environmental Studies – the slightly shorter program and the breadth of subjects offered suited me better when I first went back to uni.  Now that I know the direction I want to go in, I’m thrilled that I can actually move forward in it!

I am so excited!



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