Update on the veggie patch

You guys may remember our veggie patch back in late October from this post. I thought I’d just share with you how the garden is going…

PicMonkey Collage

Our tomato plants are trying to take over the entire garden. We have hundreds more tiny green ones still on the bush – the top right hand corner is part of the first harvest (we ate some before I took this photo). Everything apart from the capsicums is thriving like crazy and I get excited every time I walk out the back door. Even better, I’ll hopefully be able to keep the edible garden going all year round – David gave me the Little Veggie Patch Co’s Guide to Backyard Farming for Christmas, which recommends fruits and vegetables for planting and harvesting all year round.
For now though, I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that everything will bounce back okay after today’s heat – it’s been 43 degrees Celsius in Sydney…


4 thoughts on “Update on the veggie patch

  1. I hope you and your friends are doing well as your country goes through some horrible weather. Even from the other side of the world, it’s looking pretty scary over in Australia.
    Take care. Be safe.

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