Covered in Bees

I’m just stopping by today to recommend that you sign the petition for the European Union to ban the use of some of the most toxic pesticides.

The evidence of the dangers of such pesticides to bee populations was most conclusively proven in a study published in Nature last year, which suggested that around two thirds of bumblebees exposed to a combination of two or more pesticides will die.  Honeybees may suffer 85 percent losses to their queen populations.

The loss of bee populations is concerning enough in and of itself, but is also of particular significance because of their importance to the pollination and growth of human food crops.  You can read more here, here and here (with an excellent video).

Also, on a lighter note, while we’re on the subject of bees, here is one of my favourite Eddie Izzard clips – enjoy!



5 thoughts on “Covered in Bees

  1. 2,326,792 have signed the petition…

    … I almost put a smiley face, but then I thought “why is it that we have to constantly fight to even have a chance of getting action in the right direction?”

    Thanks for the Izzard clip. Laughter therapy definitely needed right now…

  2. Petition signed!
    Thank you for sharing that. Although I find it rather disturbing that we need to create petitions in order for elected officials to what scientists are saying will save our ability to grow food…
    Oh. And thanks for the video! Funny man :)

    • My sentiments exactly. Where’s the petition for me to sign titled “Make it so that politicians who act contrary to scientific knowledge can be thrown out on their ear (after being tarred and feathered)”?

  3. I totally agree with you both.
    Furthermore, if they don’t believe the science, then I’m honestly not sure how much difference a petition will make (although I try to be hopeful).

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