The KeepCup love continues

You may recall that about a year or so ago, I posted about how madly in love with my KeepCup I was (I still am, but it was one of many things that didn’t fit into my overstuffed luggage moving overseas so I’m hoping to get a second here!). I also posted some data about reusable cups vs. regular, disposable cups. So when I heard that KeepCup were working with strategic design studio, THICK, to make sure more people were aware of this information, I was really happy to get involved and share what they’ve done.

Basically, KeepCup and THICK came together when KeepCup realised that many of the people using their products couldn’t really articulate why. They knew it was good for the environment, they knew that they were drastically reducing their waste footprint, but there was a lack of knowledge as to what that really meant. There was also a sense of uncertainty for some about whether a reusable plastic cup was really the best option.  Which is totally understandable – there is a mental dichotomy for most people these days which runs along the lines of paper=good, plastic=bad. What if KeepCup was in fact more environmentally damaging than disposable cups? When you read the statistic of 1 million disposable coffee cups going to landfill per minute though, it’s much easier to see the benefit of a reusable cup. So that’s why the mini-site, Vs. KeepCup came about – to make that kind of information more accessible.

Vs. KeepCup gives some fantastic direct comparisons disposable cups. For example, KeepCups are recyclable, as opposed to disposable coffee cups which may spend up to 50 years in landfill. The break even point of using a KeepCup instead of disposable cups (in terms of the Life Cycle Assessment) is just 15 coffees. In this context, using a reusable cup is a super simple decision. If you’re interested, a list of KeepCup stockists is here and you can build your own here. There’s also a bunch of other great reusable cups around, if they take your fancy more.

Oh, and for those of you wondering about how I’ll track down a KeepCup in Austin, TX? I’ll be ducking down to Juan Pelota Cafe, which is next to Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop on Nueces St. Saves shipping just one cup to the US!

Note: While I was contacted by Studio Thick, I received no reimbursement for this post and all opinions are my own. I was genuinely happy to write about something which I think is a great product and also a great site that’s trying to change how we look at consumption and waste. I also received no compensation for my mention of Juan Pelota Cafe – it’s just that it’s the only place in Austin that sells KeepCups (and, in my opinion, the only place that does decent coffee around here)!

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